pudding keycaps

A keyboard pudding keycap offers an excellent opportunity for keyboard upgrading. They ensure comfort while typing. Additionally, the pudding keycaps are a must-have for gamers. It is because they provide reliability while gaming. If you are in the market for one, there are essential elements you should consider. Below is a guide on selecting the best pudding keycap.

1. Choose a keyboard pudding keycap with high-quality PBT

The PBT material plays a crucial role in the quality of your pudding keycap. Furthermore, it ensures that your keycap can withstand rigorous and heavy use. Therefore, it is essential to choose one made of high-quality PBT. In the market, you will notice several pudding keycap suppliers. Thus, it is crucial to inquire about the quality before purchase. Furthermore, you can choose to read the review section. The review section will provide you with an insight into the keycap quality to expect from a particular supplier.

2. Choose a reliable pudding keycap

There can be nothing as off-putting as an unreliable keycap. It is crucial to rely on a good keycap if you are a gamer. A keycap that does not run smoothly can cause gamers to lose out on essential games. Furthermore, if your work involves typing, you can lose time if you have an unreliable keycap. Thus, ensure that you buy a reliable keyboard pudding keycap.

3. Consider a keyboard pudding keycap lighting

If you wish to buy the best keycap, consider the lighting. Pudding keycaps are equipped with a translucent design that offers the best lighting. The design ensures that light can easily shine via the keycap’s side. Thus, it provides sufficient light for your keycap. The translucent keycap is best for those who wish to highlight their keyboard’s RGB lighting. Furthermore, the lighting ensures that one’s keyboard stands out.

4. Consider the double-shot keycaps

Generally, the pudding keycaps can either be dye-sublimated or double-shot legends. If you wish to buy the best, consider the double-shot keycaps. The double-shot legends undergo the injection molding process, thus are crisper. The dye-sublimated keycaps are also not bad; they are cheap and incredibly looking.

5. Keyboard pudding keycap compatibility

The best pudding keycap for you is compatible with your keyboard. Most of the keycaps available in the market are consistent with the MX switches. But some keyboard layouts may need a particular pudding keycap. Therefore, ensure that you know your keyboard’s design to choose the most compatible keycap.

6. Choose a thick pudding keycap

If you wish to buy the best keycap, consider avoiding thin keycaps. Thin keycaps are great for RGB, but they are of poor quality. Furthermore, the thin keycaps may not be as comfortable to use. Therefore, ensure that you choose a thick keycap while buying. The thick keycap is nice and solid; thus, it ensures typing is comfortable.

7. Go for keycaps that will guarantee longevity

Generally, keycaps can be made with PBT or ABS. ABS is excellent for those who want the keycap for the color effect. But, they do not last for long. On the other hand, the PBT keycaps usually last longer. The PBT plastic does not wear down quickly. Its only limitation is that it is not colorful.


The keyboard pudding keycaps can come in handy, especially while working in a dim environment. They ensure that the typing process is very comfortable. In addition, the best keycaps last for long. Therefore, it is essential to buy the best.


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