Vape pods are quite popular for different reasons. Since these pods are elegant and compact, they are popular among older and younger people. Moreover, they boast the latest vaping technology. Remember that there is no single size that fits all. Each type Suorin Air Mod system has its pros and cons. These factors should help you determine the right type of vape pod for you.

Refillable and Pre-filled Pods

When you choose these devices, you need to choose between pre-filled and refillable vape pods. You have an opportunity to replenish your e-liquid at any particular time. Additionally, the pre-filled pods have a certain quantity of e-juice and they cannot be filled by you. These have been designed to last just like your pack of cigarettes. This means whenever your pod is empty, you should replace the cartridge. If you are a beginner in vaping, these are the right pods to purchase.

Battery Life

The ultra-compact design of the vape pod means you can fit it in your pocket. This also means you can take it anywhere you want. Although the design is compact, it does not mean smaller devices have lower battery capacity. Remember that there is always a compromise between battery life and mobility when choosing electronic products.

Vaping Style

When you inhale the vapor from the vape pod, it will travel to the lungs and then be exhaled. Some pods allow you to vape from the mouth to the lungs, whereas others direct from lung to lung. If you are new to vaping, you should choose mouth to lung vaping style. This is because it is similar to smoking traditional cigarettes. The good thing about this technique is that you can get to appreciate the taste of your e-juice and its nicotine strength.

On the other hand, direct to lung vaping technique allows you to deliver the vapor directly into the lungs. This technique is considered to be more pleasurable than mouth-to-lung vaping. If you want to satisfy your nicotine cravings, this is the recommended style. That is because it allows you to draw more vapor to the lungs.


Whenever you buy a vape pod, you need to consider its cost. With different vape pods available, you can save a lot of money when you purchase high-quality vapes at fair prices. If you are going to replace them more frequently, you should not spend a lot of money on the pre-filled pods. Remember that smoking is pointless and expensive. Hence, when you switch to vaping, it needs to be less costly. Ensure you know the right price the vape pod should cost and the cost of replacing it.


You need to remember the above things when choosing the right type of vape pod to buy. If you are only starting out, you need to be careful to avoid ruining your experience when you choose the wrong equipment. When you get the right vape pod, you will minimize your chances of reverting back to smoking. Ensure you carry out adequate research and consider the different options available to you.


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